Roger L. Wainwright

Recent Publications (Since 2000)

Papers are available in Word or PDF Format.

  • Pablo Galiasso and Roger L. Wainwright,
    "A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for the Point to Multipoint Routing Problem with Single Split Paths" (WORD), (PDF),
    Proceedings of the 2001 ACM/SIGAPP Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC'01),
    March 11-14, 2001, pp. 327-332, Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Brandon P. Enochs and Roger L. Wainwright
    " 'Forging' Optimal Solutions to the Edge-Coloring problem" (WORD), (PDF),
    Dataset (Zip File),
    Spector, L., E. Goodman, A. Wu, W.B. Langdon, H.M. Voigt, M. Gen, S. Sen,
    M. Dorigo, S. Pezeshk, M. Garzon, and E. Burke, editors. 2001.

  • Kamran H. Sedighi, Kaveh Ashenayi, Theordore W. Manksa, Roger L. Wainwright, and Heng-Ming Tai
    "Autonomous Local Path-Planning for a Mobile Robot Using a Genetic Algorithm" (PDF),
    Proceedings of the IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation 2004 (CEC'04),
    June 20-23, 2004, Portland Oregon, pp. 1338-1344.

  • Yaser Alkhalifah and Roger L. Wainwright
    "A Genetic Algorithm Applied to graph Problems Involving Subsetrs of Vertices" (PDF),
    Proceedings of the IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation 2004 (CEC'04),
    June 20-23, 2004, Portland Oregon, pp. 303-308.

  • Aditia Hermanu, Kaveh Ashenayi, Theordore Manikas, and Roger L. Wainwright
    "Autonomous Robot Navigation Using a Genetic Algorithm with an efficient Genotype Structure" (PDF),,
    Intelligent Engineering Systems Through Artificial Neural Networks, Volume 14.
    Smart Engineering System Design: Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, Evolutionary
    Programming, Complex Systems and Artificial Life, Cihan H. Dagli, Anna L. Buczak,
    David L. Enke, Mark J. Embrechts, and Okan Ersoy, Editors
    ASME Press, New York, pp. 319- 324, 2004.

  • Andrew Hand, Jagruthi Godugu, Kaveh Ashenayi, Theodore W. Manikas, and Roger L. Wainwright
    "Benchmarking Robot Path Planning" (PDF),
    ANNIE 2005, October, 2005

  • P.A. Simionescu, G.V. Dozier, and R.L. Wainwright
    "A Two-Population Evolutionary Algorithm for Constrained Optimization Problems" (PDF),
    Proceedings of the IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence 2006,
    Vancouver, BC, Canada, July 2006

  • Theodore W. Manikas, Kaveh Ashenayi and Roger L. Wainwright
    "Genetic Algoritnms for Autonomous Robot Navigation" (PDF)
    IEEE Instrumentation & Measurement Magazine, Vol. 10, No. 6, December, 2007